Managing Director An Organization Structure

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Outcome 1
(a) Taking into the sudden drop in students from one of NZAB main markets India, provide an outline for the most favourable or desirable organization structure of NZAB new current situation. The new organization structure should be outlined in terms of the functions and activities of the business operation.
Diagram for old organisation structure

Diagram for new organisation structure

(b) Compare the current organization structure of the organization with the most favourable structure outlined in (a) and identify any changes to improve its effectiveness for achieving the organizations new objectives.

Managing Director – Managing Director play a very important in an organisation. Managing director manage the entire departments. Managing director is responsible for the proper functioning of the department. It’s the top level management in an organization. It is the managing director duty to provide the proper training to the managers of other department. For its assistant managing director have help of the academic director who directly acts with the other managers, specifications are given by the managing director. All strategies for the advertisement and advancement of the organization are made by the managing director.

Academic Director – Academic director is responsible for the action of the teaching staff and students to the managing director. Academic director manage income and plans budget for all the activities. Academic director should always be…
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