Managing Director Of An Innovative Publishing Business

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Effective communication is a vital and proven element essential to a functioning workplace irrespective of industry or profession. Within the realm of communication there are certain factors that must be taken into account if an organisation is going to build successful and strong relationships with its employees, clients and patients. The following essay will focus on the ‘4Rs of Reflection’ that has been used to develop a reflective analysis. The findings of which the analysis is based follows an interview with an experienced managing director of an innovative publishing business. The insights and examples recorded during the discussion and then evaluated afterwards using the analysis format underscore the importance of good…show more content…
This reflects the use of two communication skills that command focus in today’s business world. Firstly, the use of empathy to build relationships with employees and clients. Rapport building is also supported with verbal and non - verbal communication that comes to the fore when translations are required to overcome language barriers. (Joseph, 2015) Forging relationships with clients is the only way this business can derive an income to pay employees who in turn work to supply the client’s needs. This manager’s product isn’t fundamental to survival and therefore is a considered purchase that people will not randomly buy without thought. There needs to be a want and it is up to the manager and his company to demonstrate to potential clients why they need it (the product). Of course, this will never happen with a relationship being built first.


After the interview I was a lot more informed about how publishing companies work and the use of communication and skills that need to be approached to establish and maintain a functioning workplace. Although I have no work experience within this profession I could relate to having used some of the same skills and technologies. Communication skills are used in all workplaces and through my employment at the DFO Nike factory store, I
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