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Managers are imperative for the effective functioning of any organization. They occupy the middle ground in an organization (Chapman 2001), and they coordinate and oversee the work of other employees in order to ensure that all work is carried out efficiently and effectively. Additionally, managers have other tasks to carry out, tasks that are not related to the work assigned to other employees. There are three key roles of managers; Interpersonal roles, informational roles, and decisional roles. Interpersonal roles refer to leadership activities, informational roles involve monitoring activities, and decisional roles include entrepreneur activities and negotiating activities. This division of managerial roles was put forward by Henry…show more content…
These targets will also be based on market growth and share of the market that the client enjoys in those particular markets. The trader would tap into potential, and expand his share within the client’s portfolio to the maximum. The third, leading, is an essential function as it is where the managers look into conflicts amongst the groups of subordinates, attempt to motivate them, and spearhead the work carried out by employees in any possible way. Rewards and recognition are distributed accordingly at year-end basis on the results achieved as per the budgets agreed and set out. The final function, controlling, is where managers monitor and evaluate the performance of subordinates (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg and Coulter 2009). Weekly meetings will be conducted after purchases at the teas at the weekly auctions, and they are measured against budgeted volumes and profit targets. The application of these four functions is imperative in any organization. This is because the environment is constantly changing, both internally and externally. Additionally, as Garry and Gartsen stated, the organizations are adapting to change, becoming more “flexible and non-hierarchical… built on shared values, dialogue and trust, rather than on rule following” (Tengblad 2006). Therefore it is essential to be organized and manage the tasks that workers are required to carry out in order for the business to run

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