Managing Diversity Between Ethiopia And The United States Essay

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Managing diversity in the workplace while working with people that belong to Ethiopian Culture
Summary: Working with the same nationals is fairly easy, but, challenges occur when one works with employees that belong to different geographic locations or countries. In this report, the major focus is to analyze Ethiopia’s culture in terms of managing the workplace diversity while having the professional ties with the Ethiopian citizens. This report will highlight how the workplace diversity is managed by working with the natives of Ethiopia. Ethiopia and the United States (US) have very diverse demographics, so this report will analyze how the workplace diversity is better managed by minimizing the differences.
Explanation: Ethiopia is an African state that has a culture that is very different from that of the United States. The reason is, the United States and Ethiopia are very different in terms of their geographic locations, their cultures, and their interests. Additionally, the United States is a developed country, while Ethiopia is an under-developed state. Any state, that is under-developed, the citizens of that particular country face certain challenges in their country, i.e. a struggle for better life standards, for a better education, and for the better future. This fact is observed by the report of Royal Oak Interactive Inc (2016), where it is mentioned that people living in Ethiopia receive a very less spending on health care, they earn less money, life expectancy

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