Managing Diversity and Ethics in the Workplace - 1

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Elizabeth Thomas

MGT450: Leadership Practices

Team Leadership

Professor Kathleen Dove

July 20, 2012

Managing Diversity and Ethics in the Workplace Introduction There steps leaders and managers can take to effectively manage diversity and ethics concerns. How a manager effectively manages ethics and diversity, within the organization is directly correlated to the cultural, organizational and external environment influence ethical behavior. One of the step’s leaders and managers can take is to incorporate diversity training of the organization. This big
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There is no better way to understand diverse group than interaction, joining together at certain times in order to interact and communicate.
Leadership of Teams Essential important when implementing a change of the organization core values, and goals is to form a top management team. (Jones, 2011 p. 499). Top management teams are the ones responsible for developing diversity training methods and a strategy to implement the training within the organization in order to achieve the organization goals. Top management teams, are normally compose to a diverse group, with knowledge, expertise and experience in stressing diversity. As cross-functional top management team the members are comprised from the various departments within the organization as a formal group. The top management as a formal group, come together to form a cross-cultural team, by following the five stages of forming a group, as group role is to set the behaviors and task. One of the behaviors for diversity training is that the members of the team to lead by example, in demonstrating ethical and social responsibility. By treating employees based on skills rather than age, sex or race. The integration of leadership exercises in diversity training programs will help employees realize the importance of this attribute within the organization. There are
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