Managing Effective Teams

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Managing Effective Teams Hannah M, Haggins Axia College MGT 245 Organizational Theory and Behavior Profesor Robert Peart January 27, 2008 Effective Teams Part of being a manager for a company is managing teams. These teams can be created for many different reasons and can have various goals put upon them. Companies want managers that are capable of constructing teams that can effectively meet goals and set standards. The four types of work teams most commonly found in organizations are: problem-solving, self-managed, cross-functional, and virtual. In completing the simulation for this course, I will use cross-functional work teams as a foundation for my investigation of effective team management. There are four relative…show more content…
I chose Harvey for the linker/producer because of his capacity to be a “jack of all trades”. His prior experience in manufacturing and production made him an obvious candidate. Did my personal preference create an unconstructive outcome for the team? I had one different result than I would have if I had chosen the ‘best’ team. This is the situation that I faced and how I decided to handle it. The team was becoming angry because Petra was being picky, constantly reminding the team of things to do when they already knew what to do, and being skeptical of the team. I went to the next meeting and provided positive feedback and praise to the team. By doing this I created a climate of trust that would tell Petra that she did not need to be uneasy about the team’s performance. I also followed up by talking to Petra privately to address her concerns directly and take away her worry. This put an end to the nitpicking, which helped the entire team and their cohesiveness. This part of the simulation deals with the effective team management features of situation and process. Another section of the simulation made forced me to decide how to direct an individual’s performance. The following is an account of the scenario and the decision that I made based on the information given. Amrita seemed to be pushing her schedule on the team. Several team members came to me
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