Managing Employee Performance

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Managing Employee Performance HR2E01N 31st-July-2009 Q.”Assess the use of 360-degree appraisals in performance management” Performance management is the process of management that contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams to achieve high levels of organizational performance. Some see performance management as performance related pay schemes and others as the performance appraisal systems. In simple terms, performance management provides the means for people to improve their performance or apply their abilities more constructively. An appraisal is the business tool used at a regular basis to measure an employee’s performance. It is an opportunity to take an overview of a specified period keeping a…show more content…
It allows the organization to see different point of views and how different relationships within the workforce have different responses. As feedback is obtained from many different sources, space for improvement and efficiency can be easily identified. For example, if several employees suggest that the line manager needs to improve his communication skills, it is likely that the manager needs to do so. Peers and subordinates can have an input to the process and can view it as a process which empowers them; getting feedback from subordinates can be better received and understood. Lastly, another advantage of the 360° process is that it is designed to assess the customer’s point of view. As employee can receive direct and frequent feedback on their behaviour and customer satisfaction they learn how to not only present themselves good but learn how to make the firm as a whole look good. 360° appraisal systems suit organizations where they need flexibility and greater understanding on the workforce; it brings teamwork within a less hierarchical structure. 360° appraisals are very effective when integrated with an action plan which is based on the feedback criteria. Some disadvantages to using 360° appraisal systems may include, the following Favouritism may occur within the organizations as employees may want to help each other. This factor makes the assessment inaccurate and it may not all add up. Dishonesty can also play a part in
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