Managing Employee Relations

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Managing Employee Relations Assignment Section 1: Evaluate three major external constraints placed upon your Organisation’s approach to employee relations (1,018 words) Section 2: Analyse management’s approach to employee relations in your organisation making reference to appropriate academics models (1,023 words) Section 3: Evaluate whether the approaches identified in Section 2 above are the most effective for your organisation in the near future (3-5 years), justify any recommendations you make for a different approach (1,043 words) Introduction This report is in three sections. The first section outlines the external constraints that impact upon employee relations within the organisation. A brief summary of this…show more content…
It needs to make full use of modern and flexible work organisation and to adopt patterns of work that will fit challenges in the future. One group of staff that this affects particularly is sessional lecturers (hourly paid teaching staff). These staff are employed year on year to deliver an agreed number of teaching hours. This group of staff is used to give the university flexibility. Sessional lecturers have commonly been used to cover absences. The impact of this legislation is that sessional staff, who have been with the university for over 4 years, have been offered indefinite contracts, whereas staff that have durations of less than 4 years have not. The impact of this is to cause a poor relationship between employer and employee and as such the number of grievances are on the increase. Competition The extent to which the market influences employee relations and styles depends upon competitive pressure and customer pressure (Marchington & Parker, 1990; cited by Rose, 2001). Lack of
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