Managing Employees from Different Generations Essay

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There are a lot of causes to the world’s complexities in today’s time, but one very important factor is the mixing of generations in a workplace. This factor cannot only cause a grandson to have a disagreement with his grandfather or a daughter to fight with her mom but also two individuals in a workplace to argue over work related matters. Each generation have their experiences, stories, music, beliefs, interests and characteristics. The gap in generation can cause various implementations on the workforce such as disagreements, quarrels, different mindsets, comfort levels and work ethics. Three diverse generations to support this research are:

1. Baby Boomers
2. Generation X
3. Generation Y

Baby Boomers, who are usually born between
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Unlike the Baby Boomers, Generation X consists of individuals who have grown up with the invention of technological devices such as computers and phones and they use this to help with in the workforce. The individuals of this generation have experienced the toughest of the economic situations as they grew up and had to learn to adapt to a range of circumstances. These factors helped this generation to become more independent and resourceful very early in their lives. Members of Generation X prefer to have structure and direction in the workforce and are known to be skeptical. This generation believes that everyone should do things their own way and forget the rules. Most important, they maintain a balance between their family and work life. A few common characteristics of Generation X are:
1. Self-reliance
2. Believe work is a difficult challenge or a contract
3. They think everyone is equal
4. Like to challenge other individuals
5. Their interactive style is of an entrepreneur
6. Prefer to communicate directly or immediately
7. Think freedom is the best reward
8. Individualistic
9. Technologically Adept
10. Flexible
11. Value Work/Life Balance

Generation Y, born between the year 1981 and 2000, are considered to be the more younger and modern crowd of all the generations. This generation is the fastest growing segment of today’s workforce. The members of this generation prefer to keep themselves busy
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