Essay on Managing Energy Sources

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Managing Energy Sources
Project Proposal

In today’s world were the rate of world’s possessions is deteriorating quickly. There is far added pressure on the factory managers to construct merchandise in a technique that supply greatest management of energy. I would like to choose Motkamills for my module project, which happens to be a paper mill which specialises in producing laminating paper. I have chosen this particular industry because of the fact, pulp for making paper is extracted from the trees and this is one of the industries that need high monitoring to be energy efficient. Moreover they need to be environment friendly as eco-system needs to be in perfect balance for survival of humans.
The use of energy monitoring and
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The energy saving process for 50 GPM of reclaimed water would roughly require about 100 to 200 square feet of common production space. Utility requirements would be compressed air. The estimate for total connected horsepower for the entire process would range from 15 to 20 HP.
The operating and maintenance costs for this process would consist of electric power costs along with chemical purchases and maintenance costs. The water recycle process would have to be connected with and electrical load in the range of 15 to 20 horsepower. Based upon the number of times water recycled associated power requirements an annual cost of $7,500 would be incurred according to (O’Connor, October2006).

The chemical consumption rates estimated from the test run of this process were found to be very repetitive. The annual cost for chemicals is based upon the experimental operation expenses extrapolated to an annual consumption rate. These costs are based upon the specific coagulant and flocculants needed for the pilot testing. The annual cost is approximated at $16,000. If the fibre is recovered or dewatered further for disposal and the chemical treatment costs may be discounted as they are approximately same as to the chemical requirements for the treatment of the fibre and fillers needed for the waste treatment plant or the recovery of fibre through alternate technologies.

According to (O’Connor, October2006) the maintenance
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