Managing Enterprise For The Health Care Sector

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A) A real entrepreneur can take an idea and that can be change in to a service or product according to the needs of certain population. Because of this characteristic economists said that “entrepreneurship is becoming an important agent in the growth and wellbeing of the society”.an entrepreneur is motivated by family or society. They offer new completion and also promotes improved productivity. They can recognize and resolves social problems on a large scale. To create social value entrepreneurs act as a change agent for the society like designing and distributing new approaches. Entrepreneur react very quickly and effectively to the change so that they can take the advantage of opportunities. If they can’t capable of quick action it will be result on their process and success. Social entrepreneurs are stepping to solve the problems. Difference between entrepreneurs and business people are entrepreneurs create needs and business people satisfy with needs. An alternate advantage thought this is less apparent is that those Change Agents who are well dealt with consequently emerge as a model of behavior to be trailed by whatever is left of the gathering entrepreneurships are the individual with an exceptional mind-set in order to maximize profit. Therefore their approaches are closely secured to be success. They grab the opportunities that no one noticed ever (Abu-Saifan, 2012). For
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