Managing Erp Implementation Process Implementation

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The current world is faced with stiff technological advancement and so does the business world. Information and technology must be fully integrated and utilized in order to achieve goals and objectives in any business. Research has shown that companies that have integrated their processes in their businesses have experienced more success in terms of efficiencies in operations(Adam & O’Doherty, 2000). It is important that information and data is efficiently shared between the business organization, customers and suppliers who might be geographically dispersed. Enterprise Resource Planning is a dream comes true for most companies since it helps in integration of all business units.
Enterprise resource planning comes as a tool or software that help in the integration of information that further necessitate information gathering amongst departments within the organization. ERP provides computing environment which helps in coming up with a central database for sales and marketing, management and production, accounting information, personnel, not forgetting human resource management data. Introduction of ERP has shown efficiencies in operations, for example, shorter intervals between the payments of orders, low back office staff requirements and improved customer care services(Tambovcevs, 2012). Despite the fact that ERP has brought about massive revolution in most of the multinational companies, little research has been done.…
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