Managing Financial Resources And Decision Making

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TITLE: MANAGING FINANCIAL RESOURCES AND DECISION MAKING Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business British Institute of Technology & E-Commerce Managing Financial Resources and Decision Student ID- 48154 Student Name- Nataliya Georgieva Group: J Submission Date: 08-08-2014 Executive Summary The purpose of this assignment is to study the finance sources available to a company. Here according to the assignment requirement, we have to select a British public company to study the available sources of finance from where the firm collects its capital requirement. Following the guidelines we have to analyze various sources with their potentiality and then we make viable analysis of Cash and sales budget. Here some salient financial ratios are employed for the purpose of analyzing the financial statement of the company. Table of Contents Question No Particulars Page Introduction 4 1.1 Sources of finance available to a business 4 1.2 Sources of finance exploited by British Petroleum 5 1.3 Potential benefits of source of finance 6 2.1 Consequences of selecting a particular source 7 2.2 Analysis of sales budget and cash flow situation 8 2.2 Suggestions for improving cash flow situation 9 2.3 Breakeven points of volume 9 3.1 Techniques for capital budgeting 10 3.2 Advice on calculation of investment proposals 12 4.1 Explanation of main ratios for financial statement 14 4.2 Comment on ratios 15 4.3 Factors distorting ratios 17 Conclusions 18 References 19 Appendix:1
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