Managing Financial Resources And Decisions

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Unit Number: 2
Unit Title: Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

Unit 2: Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

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Banks may be wary of the project and ask for guarantees, such as a bond or a mortgage on your business assets. But the bank loan has the great advantage of providing external resources while avoiding the intervention of third parties in the management of your business, unlike the financing investors.

Individuals or companies interested in your idea, but that involves prospecting for investors.

External investors are partners or shareholders could fund private money into My Track business. It may be in cash funds (cash) or machine, building, patent. They receive in exchange societal shares.

Business angels act as individuals and inject capital into businesses, often niche or innovative professions proving a good solution to finance My Tracks business while benefiting from the expertise of the experienced patron.

Venture capital firms are companies specializing in high-investment balance. They generally focus on innovative and creative projects with relatively high expected return. These investors may be involved in your daily management.

Crowdfunding is a collective investment in exchange for shares. The business can receive funds up to a maximum of € 100,000 through crowd funding. The enthusiastic investors may be future customers.
Investment Appraisal Part 2

Financial planning is a process in perpetual motion: it includes finance plans, implements, and modifies them according to the
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