Managing Financial Resources For A Small Business Enterprise Essay

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National Diploma in Business level 6 Unit Standard: 6410 Financial management: Financial skills Manage financial resources for a small business enterprise Name: Jitender Singh Unit Standard: 6410 Level: 6 Credits: 5 Task 1 Q1.1 Identify sources and costs of funding and optimal terms. Sources:- Financial sources Non-financial sources Own capital ($100,000) Experience-skills (15 years) Bank Loan ($1,80,000) Qualification ( her husband Students fees (2,000,000) NZQA approval Cost/expenses:- Reveille expenses Capital expenses Commission ($400,000) Outfits ($200,000) Rent/leases ($48,000) Utilities ($12,000) Interest ($1200) Wages ($330,000) Q1.2 Identify; Short, medium, and long-term financial performance indicators and target are established to enable ongoing monitoring of financial performance. Short term: In short, term Nicole’s want to improvement in number of student 50-150 within one year and hiring 5 teachers as a staff. Medium term: In next 3 years school wants to increase number of students 300-500 within 1-3 years and will hire more staff to teachers 25-50. Long term: The target of school to assess the development in 3-5 years. Moreover increasing the number of student 500-1500 that will help to increase revenue. The school will increase staff as well by hiring 50-150 teachers. Q1.3 State the profit objectives and return on capital (ensure these are consistent with overall business planning). Profit objectives: -
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