Managing Financial Resources and Decision

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Managing Financial Resources and Decisions-HND Assignment HND Assignment Managing Financial Resources and Decisions Scenario: Emaar Properties on Sunday announced to build a new hotel in Downtown area and that will be the second tallest property in the high-end area, according to chief executive officer for retail Arif Amiri. Amiri did not disclose value of the project and even declined to give the sale price. “We will announce the price at public launch on September 22,” he told reporters at a news conference. Work on the project, which features studios, and 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom serviced residences, will commence shortly and is scheduled for completion in early to mid-2015. “The hotel we are launching today represents an…show more content…
Write about the various steps you will follow to achieve this D2 2.6 Select and explain the best way to raise funds for this project from the Banks M2 Task 3 You have an appointment with the Bankers regarding the Financing the project 3.1 What are the Main Financial statements you will need for this meeting P 4.1 3.2 Describe the best format to assimilate these statements P4.2 3.3 Describe and explain the various ratios which you will use to convince the Bankers P4.3 3.4 Finalise the best combination of finance you will choose as the funding startegy for this project to convince the stakeholders D3 Task 4 Scenario IMRA International is a private company that produces designer clothes for ladies in Dubai and exports to Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America and Australia. Materials come from abroad as far away as India and Australia. The company was founded at the height of the boom
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