Managing Front Office SOP

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1) Identify at least FOUR areas requiring Standard Operation Procedures.
a. Specific Operations :
i. Process check-in, reservation, post charges, process check-outs
b. Staff conduct and Appearance:
i. Procedure for handling misconduct and/or inappropriate appearance
c. Safety and Security:
i. Fire safety procedures, procedures for issuing room keys and handling emergencies
d. Service Standards:
i. Answering phone calls, speed, accuracy, completeness and consistency

2) Draft 2 sets of SOPs (one from a different area identified in Q1):

Document No: DAC-FR-12-89
Name of Department: Front Office
Date of issue: 23/1/13
Revision: 00
Procedure: Grooming
1.0 Purpose 1.1 The
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They are also responsible for assigning the jobs.

Prepared by Approve by
Front Office Manager General Manager

3) A) For each of the SOPs you have drafted for Q2, identify at least ONE reason for having to revise the SOP after it has been implemented.
Grooming: Staff not uniform in attire
Telephone: Standard Operating Procedure not specific enough.
B) Revise each SOP based on the reason(s) you have identified. Be sure to observe the guidelines used in Q2.
Document No: DAC-FR-12-90
Name of Department: Front Office
Date of Revision: 25/1/13
Revision: 00
Procedure: Grooming
1.0 Purpose 1.1 The uniform represents the hotel and thus staff has to maintain a certain standard, to be stylish, comfortable to wear and to help look like a service professional.
1.2 Scope
All staff on duty must follow the grooming procedures.
1.3 Definition
1.4 Grooming - is the combination of Style and discipline, to project an image of organization’s culture and ethics to our esteemed customer-our guest. It also enhances the personality of employee, character of an organization.
1.5 Grooming can be categorized into 4 types :
1.5.1 Hair: The hair must be neatly tapered at the back and on the sides, forming a smooth, symmetrical appearance. The overall style must be balanced proportionately.
1.5.2 Uniform: For Uniformed staff, The Uniform must be in accordance with our Uniform Specification. The uniform should
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