Managing Global Supply Chain Essay

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Today for large multinational corporations (MNC) to build or retain their competitive advantage requires effective methods in managing the global supply chain in order to assess their raw resources, inventory supplies and factory productivity. MNC look to global sourcing for several reasons including: scarcity or high cost of local raw materials, low cost of labor in developing countries, and to increase market share into new geographical areas. Effectively managing the global supply chain is quite literally the lifeblood of an MNC that produces goods to be sold around the world.
Building an effective global supply chain involves integrating and coordinating common materials, processes, designs, technologies and suppliers across worldwide buying, design and operating locations (Trent, 2005). Managing global supply chain poses many challenges which will be examined including cultural differences, language, regional and governmental laws and regulations, and design and integration of global information infrastructure (GII). Additionally, risk assessment of possible disruptions in the supply chain will also be reviewed.
Dealing with Differences in Culture and Language
Every large MNC has within itself a defined culture, which was developed by top-level leadership (Schein, 1985). It is the responsibility of top level leadership to manage and at times modify cultural values within the organization to better adapt to changing environment, for instance moving into a…