Managing Human Resource Management And Its Environment

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Managing Human Resources In the book Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Sixth Edition by Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright, chapter one managing human resources gives an outline of human resource management, also known as (HRM), and its environment. Chapter one talks about the understanding, company performance, responsibilities, skills, ethics, and careers of human resource management. Many may know what HRM stands for, human resource management, but do we really know the true meaning and what it really consists of?
I have done research and in this research paper I will provide a brief overview of chapter one. The first topic will be on the understand of human resource management; second, the company’s performance; third,
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HR Policies
Implementing policies, such as “working hours, pay information, safety measures, benefits and performance expectations are core topics to address in an employee handbook (Mayhew, 2016, para. 4).” This will help with building structure within the company. Policies are very important for a company because it helps the flow of the company. If there is no flow, then there will be many issues such as, lawsuits, safety concerns, unsatisfied employees, and possibly not enough man power.
HR Practices
Special practices will also need to be performed by HRM. These practices consist of: Analysis and design of work, HR planning, recruiting, selection, training and development, performance management, compensation, and employee relations. All of which are important practices when performing HR. Why is it important? If these practices are followed, employees will perform much better and to the best of their ability.
HR Systems
Some systems that are used to influence employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance are: Planning, administering pay, benefits, training, developing employees, and managing their performance. These systematic ways will keep employees happy, healthy, and highly skilled as they work for the company. Without influence, employees’ will not have the right mindset and encouragement to help push them in the right direction to success. Without success, there is no energy, excitement, and drive. Helping employees’ develop, train to perform
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