Managing Human Resources : An Exercise Depth Study On Human Resource Management

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Managing Human Resources: An In Depth Study on Human Resources

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Human resource management is an integral function of an organization. It is the specialized field of study with realization that employees play a vital role in the achievement of the overall objectives and goals of an organization. We conduct an assignment on Human Resource Management of Harrods. The assignment is divided into four parts. The first part of this assignment represents how Harrods can understand different aspects of Human resource management. The second part relates to the ways that help Harrods develop flexibility in its workplace. The third part represents the effect of equal opportunities within the workplace. The last part is related to the different aspects to the HRM practices in Harrods.

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Part-1: Different perspectives of Human Resource Management
1.1: Guest’s model of HRM
1.2: The differences between storey’s definition of HRM, Personnel and IR practices
1.3: The assessment of the implications for the line managers in case of developing strategic approach to HRM
Part-2: The ways of developing flexibility within Harrods:
2.1: The model of flexibility
2.2: The types of flexibility applicable to Harrods
2.3: The use of flexible working practices in Harrods from both the employer and employees
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