Managing Human Resources Of Romania

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Managing Human Resources in Romania Presented to Blue Line associates By: Ion Rotaru Date submitted: 16-01-2017 About Romania Romania is a sovereign state located in Southeastern Europe. It has an area of around 238,391 square kilometers and it borders the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. Their population stands at around…show more content…
Of course, these factors will change over time, and we are going to adjust to any changes that will be happening in the future. Before starting our hiring process, we need to study the level of the Romanian workforce, and the level of competitivity that other companies represent in terms of hiring. After identifying the number of employees we need we are going to start advertising the available job positions on the job market. We can do that by leaving advertisements online or in newspapers and such. Here at Blue Line we strive to have the best workers that are available, and to pursue that we have to show them that our company is the best opportunity for them, and that we should be their first option. After attracting a number of potential employees, we have to go through the process of selection. Hiring decisions must be made according to the principle of merit to ensure they are competent and have the ability to do the job. We are going to take in consideration their education, skills, knowledge, past work performance and years of continuous service in the required field. Selecting the right people for a company is difficult, as we must take into account everything that could make them a good or a bad employee. A potential employee must have the adequate education for the job, as well as experience in the field. Any of their references will be contacted to find out
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