Managing Human Resources

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Managing Human Resources BUS 401 Assignment 03 December 2012 Scenario Our organization specializes in the production of metal whilst. Two months after I have been hired as the elementary division manager, the quality assurance department decided to implement a routing checking on the toy collection produced. However, the quality assurance department identified a problem with one of the toy collection. The problem is that a metal whistle included in the toy collection did not pass testing because of the small traces of lead. The mount of lead in the whistle was slightly higher than the U.S. legally acceptable limits for children ages 7 and younger ages. The company has decided to ship large quantity of the toy collection to schools in South America at the end of the week and to meet the beginning of the school year. To reproduce and repackaging the toy collection, the company will incur the cost of $100,000. MEMO TO: Kelly Anderson, Chief Executive Office (CEO) FROM: John Allan, Elementary Division Manager DATE: 1 December 2012. SUBJECT: Alternatives to address the Faulty Whistle. Organization business plan could not occur without integrity, and implementation of high-level ethical consideration enhances company value and market competitive advantages. The company needs to take immediate decision with regard to the ethical consideration to enhance organization market advantages. Three alternatives have been identified to address the problem regarding
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