Managing Impulsivity

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The habits of mind to help people succeed in a variety of fields and disciplines and to show that people can think intelligibly by training and adapting to the habits of mind. The habits of mind are what make people successful and by developing these skills people become productive and are able to make ethical decisions. In my work, I have noticed that I have improved in Managing Impulsivity. I think that I improved on this one throughout this quarter because on my papers after I free write I always made sure to go back and edit parts to make them clear so the readers could understand. I have also seen that the more I wrote each week for reading responses or writing exercises the content and my writing was improving. My writing has less…show more content…
Causes and effects of cyberbullying and how it can devastate families and ruins thousands of teens' lives. I envisioned my audience to be teens and parents because parents need to know the signs of bullying and teenagers can learn about the consequences of bullying and by knowing the effects they can help a bullying victim. I think that the audience relates to exigency because most of cyberbullying happens to teens and teen are always around their parent/guardians and other teens. The audience especially parents will be more educated on cyber bullying and how it…show more content…
It takes me awhile to get started and most of the time I start with the body paragraphs in my papers and I do the introduction and conclusion last. This usually makes it easier for me on what to say in the introduction but It’s a messy process if you don’t have your introduction paragraph to discuss what you will be focusing on in your paper. Something that helped me with this was having to write outlines for both papers. This helped me to not lose focus on what I will be discussing and I was glad that it was required because I would not have done it if It was not. My writing process has drastically improved for the past two-quarters that I have been in this class. Writing has always been a drag for me because I thought that I was not good at writing. I used to not edit much of my writing but now I am constantly trying to fix my words and figure out the best way to describe and elaborate on the argument and specific topic that I am discussing. I have learned that for me to like my writing I must take it step by step and by revising and recycling I can make my writing better. This will help me with any type of writing that I do for the rest of my classes because I am putting more effort into my writing and realizing that writing is a cycle. My writing shows that I have improved compared to last quarter and I hope to continue practicing the habits of mind throughout college in all of my
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