Managing Individuals Performance in the Workplace

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Managing Individual Performance Introduction The purpose of this paper is to identify the criteria needed for making team selections along with the factors to manage a team effectively. Once I have defined the criteria for team making and management, I will elaborate on how an individual 's personality affects the workplace. Criteria for selecting team members Many organizations have difficulty forming effective working teams and that is because labor and management lack shared values. Another reason is because of the structure and function of problem solving teams was not established according to behavior science concepts and techniques. Additionally, it is important to consider that it is not always necessary for supervisors…show more content…
David Sharp stated that the manager has the responsibility of giving employees latitude to decide how to do their job, thus, if the employee enjoys what he or she does, the employee will perform the task better. Don 't put your introverted loner into customer service, thus, a person that is extroverted would be the best candidate. Sharp also stated that, "Some people may not enjoy their jobs and they may only be performing the job for prestige." Thus, some employees may not have the ability to perform their job due to lack of training and skills needed. To remedy problems as such, the manager will need to be sensitive to the skills and interests employees to assure that employees are assigned to the right position (Sharp 2005). P vs. J- Perceptive or Judgmental- A person with a perceptive type of attitude is known to be curious, spontaneous, flexible, adaptable and tolerant. Usually, this person focuses on starting a task and postpones decisions because they want to find out about the task before starting it. On the other hand, judgmental types are decisive, good planners and exacting. These individuals are known for focusing on completing a task and making decisions quickly, mostly, they focus on only necessary information to get the job done. The ideal team should consist of a mixture of individuals who have different behavioral styles. In addition to the mixture, managers should also take the
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