Managing Intellectual Capital Of Higher Education

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This paper is the study and suggestion on how higher education manages intellectual capital in their organisation to sustain their reputations.
Managing Intellectual Capital in Higher Education
Gomalah Ganasun – November 25, 2014
HMIC5503 November 25, 2014
Managing Intellectual Capital in Higher Education
New government and private universities are endlessly forming. The extended competition within the higher education to be the best is also occurring. Institution that provides the best quality in education and facilities will always win by getting people’s attention. To face the upcoming challenges and increase the role of universities in the knowledge-based economy, it will be necessary to manage intellectual capital to reach their targets (Corcoles, Y, 2012). Intellectual Capital Management is being applied in many organisations to make sure a company runs smoothly and also to find out how to improve the current situation. This paper will concentrate on how to manage and improve higher education institutions in terms of intellectual capital.
Problem Statement
Higher education often finds it challenging to maintain their good reputation in this competitive world. Since there are so many higher education institutions, not only students but even lecturers are choosing which institution is suitable for them to gain good experience and also to continue their research work. Lecturers need to educate themselves in order to educate the students. Since they
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