Managing International Human Resource Management

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The rapid growth of internationalisation and global competition in recent years has created a significant increase in the number of Multi-National Corporations (MNC’s), which in turn created the need for International Human Resource Management (IHRM) roles (Scullion, 2001). Human resource management is progressively becoming a major factor that can determine the success or failure of MNC’s. Scullion (2001) concluded that HR strategies play a vital role in implementation and control in MNC’s, and alignment between HR strategies and the organisational structure of MNC’s often results in superior outcomes. In order to strive, human resources must be managed effectively to gain a competitive edge in the global market place, and to overcome the seemingly inexorable challenges that globalization precipitates. This essay presents an overview of the challenges faced by HR managers in a global setting, and evidences that the current permutation of HRM is not adequate to meet the critical challenges of tomorrow. BRIEFLY OUTLINE BODIES OF TEXT Human Resource Management (HRM) has evolved and advanced into different areas over the years. The conversion from personnel management to human resource management established the idea that human capital holds incredible value in organisations, and can be managed systematically (Caliskan, 2010). The latter transformation to Stratgeic Human Resource Management (SHRM) builds on this idea. SHRM considers human capital to be competitive assets
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