Managing, Leading And Stewardship

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Self-Reflective Essay: Managing, Leading and Stewardship

The self-reflective portfolio is aimed at enhancing the quality and efficiency of the process of learning by minimising the knowledge gap with the practical implementation of knowledge and efficient management of time in the field of management. The primary objective of this self-reflective portfolio is to obtain useful information related to the management, leadership and stewardship and their required components. In this essence, the self-reflective portfolio is developed for showing the pre-subject reflection that determines what I have observed from the studies from literature part and assumptions related to the managing, leading and stewardship (Singer and Fedorinchik, 2009). Mid-subject reflection refers to the practical application of knowledge for my research purpose.
Post-subject reflection, determines how I demonstrated the knowledge and used it for research purpose. As per my view, managing the work and team is essential for increasing the productivity and efficiency in the industries. Efficient management of team results in increased efficiency of work due to which market value of the company is increased. I think active leading in the work process also helps in managing the workforce and work accomplished by them. Effective leading process motivates employees and improves the overall working process. It is essential in providing an appropriate and correct understanding…
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