Managing Motivation at Technocraft

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Managing Motivation at Technocraft Lea Darrigade Ines Gyselinck Mary Sagala Benjamin Seban Intercultural Management BS 1 Christophoros Lambridis I. Introduction This report talks about the working motivational problem shown by the workers in a small factory named Technocraft, located in the South East of England. It had slowed down the company’s function in producing high-quality sound recording equipment. The problem has risen to high labor turnover and difficulties in recruiting new employees. It led George Orwell Newell, the company chairman, to hire a consultant named Helen McKiernan to figure out the sources of the problems. In order to help figuring out the problem, George Orwell told Helen about his…show more content…
b) Enact a better management system 1) Be more understanding with employees behavior In order to improve the motivation in working, regulation established within the company should emphasize the comfort of workers. For example, there is no need to stop the out-of-work conversations among the workers while they are working because it would make the workers less comfortable in doing their works. It becomes more unnecessary if the works are easy to do. In addition, advisors need to listen more to the workers’ excuse for doing their mistakes. This is the only way to separate forgivable mistakes from the unforgivable ones. It becomes a forgivable mistake, if it cannot be avoided or there is logical reason behind it. This would help build a better relation between the workers and their advisors, which create comfort to workers to do their jobs. 2) Pay the employees who work over time Last but not least, the company should pay an appropriate bonus wage the overtime workers. This has a big contribution to grow their motivation since there is an equivalent reward to achieve with the right amount of hard works to do. This policy would bring profit not only to the workers, but also to the company because it can obtain more productivity from the workers. Some people may think that this would increase the short-term cost of production. However the long-term profit would

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