Managing Nonmonetary Compensation Essay

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Executive Summary Background and Introduction Andrew Nelson, an accomplished respiratory therapist, works for Breathing Care Associates, and works out of the local hospital. High turnover, lack of managerial skills, and trying to lower labor costs has lead Drew to work many hours over his normal hours. He is an exempt employee and is not entitled to overtime, but he does get a dollar an hour for on-call services. Andrew has met his maximum “earned time” off and is in need of a vacation, but is denied because of staffing and the unwillingness of his supervisor to pay overtime to the non-exempt employee. Main Conclusions Andrew needs time off before he gets too “burned out,” but also needs to make sure the hospital is covered for…show more content…
The company may want to consider revising their policy to limit the number of days an employee can request off each time. Employers must constantly review and revise their handbook and policies to keep it up to date with changes due to changes in operations of the company (West HR). One alternative is for Nelson to talk to Barb and his supervisor and kindly remind them that he worked seven days the summer before so she could be on vacation. Maybe Barb would reconsider working extra to cover, after talking to Nelson. Another alternative would be for Nelson to take off the just number of days his supervisor will allow, or Nelson does have the alternative to call in sick. Also, another alternative would be for Barb to work her normal schedule and Mr. Barnes (Matt) to work Nelson’s hours as he is an exempt employee as well. There is also the alternative of hiring an outside temporary service for that week as another option. Yes, they would be paying an outside service, but this alternative would alleviate Barb's concern of working seven days in a row; the hospital would be covered in the event of 24 hour service; Drew would get his much needed/deserved vacation; and what the supervisor would be paying in overtime he would pay a set rate to an outside source. This alternative would be
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