Managing Of The Digital World

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Chapter 1: Managing in the Digital World One of the biggest focuses of Chapter 1 was the 5 megatrends of Information Technology. The textbook identified Mobile, Social Media, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data as the big five (Valacich 2016). Personally, I have observed this shift in my IT career in K-12 Education. Initially, schools were primarily Windows OS desktops and laptops. However over time, it’s definitely shifted to a Post-PC environment. 1-1 device programs have triggered a heavy shift to mobile devices such as ipads and other tablets. As a district IT department this has greatly changed both the demands of our physical infrastructure as well procedures and expectations of our staff. New metrics, knowledge and in some cases positions are needed. Social Media, has also changed the workplace. Districts, can utilize social media to better connect with parents. As a result, there is now less emphasis on older means for connecting with parents such as analog messaging systems. The internet of things also comes into play. Nowadays, there are an ever increasing number of systems that need connectivity. GPS on buses, HVAC systems, smart watches, prox cards and background check machines to name a few. Cloud Computing is always a factor. With high speed WAN connections and more affordable storage we are constantly evaluating and transitioning systems to the cloud to decrease our hardware and overhead costs. Google Apps for education provides out stuff with
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