Managing Operations Dubai Case Study

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1.0 Executive Summary
Dubai is growing into one of the world’s most well known travel destinations. With this comes the insurmountable competition between rival resorts and hotels in the pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction. It is this pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction that brings an establishment’s operational management to the forefront of an executives mind. This report has been compiled to analyse Wendy and David’s experience at The Creek Hotel in Dubai in order to identify possible issues relating to the management of operations, and present possible solutions to the issues identified by using the appropriate theoretical framework. The report will then conclude by summarising the recommendations made
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‘Typically that result is derived from means of work and therefore creates value to the product or service’ (AT & T Corporate Quality Office, 1992). To gain maximum benefits a process must be carefully designed and constantly reassessed.
3.1 Issue
Through examination of the case study it is evident that The Creek Hotel have little to no work processes. The issues started with the shuttle bus. Although Wendy and David were appreciative of the airport pickup service it was uncomfortable and hot. Linking back to the previously discussed value chain, if The Creek Hotel’s management had always kept in direct contact with the shuttle company, another temporary bus could have been arranged. This situation reinforces the importance of the value chain and how it affects processes, in particular their value. Other issues such as the lengthy check in time, miscommunication between cleaners and management and the lengthy check-out time created a snowball effect of problems, where if in fact processes were set in place from the beginning the problems would have never occurred.
3.2 Solution
Although each different problem has its own unique method of solution, to fix the work processes within The Creek Hotel a process map needs to be created. A process map clearly documents what the business is actually required to do and who is responsible for the task in
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