Managing Organisational And Individual Change Essay

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Managing Organisational and Individual Change (Reflection)

20th of January 2008 is to date the biggest life change I have had. It was a Saturday and I was playing an important tennis match when I fainted. I woke up in Kings College Hospital Camberwell South London. I had fainted because my blood sugar levels where too high and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

This is not a change I wanted or asked for but had to accept. (Buchannan and Huczynski 1985 pp.14, 15) define learning as “The process of acquiring knowledge through experience which leads to a change in behaviour”. Being diagnosed with diabetes involves learning, “Kolb’s learning cycle 1984” activist stage describes individuals that want to dive into the swimming pool and see what happens, I guess I was more forced into this learning stage rather than wanting to be in this stage.

One psychological theory I can relate to my experience of change is Piaget’s theory of cognitive development which involves 4 different stages. (Blake, B. and Pope, T. 2008).
Equilibrium, Accommodation, Assimilation and disequilibrium. Individuals are comfortable in a state of equilibrium as they can take information and either assimilate or accommodate into pre-existing schemes Equilibrium (Agnes, 1999, p. 1282). Assimilation is the process of using new information in the environment so it can be placed in pre-existing cognitive structure. Accommodation is the process of changing cognitive structures in order to accept
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