Managing Organisations : Managing Organizations Essay

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Managing organisations Assignment 1 Question 1 All organisations have three main characteristics, these being goals, people and structure. The main goal of “The Warehouse” is to provide everyone a bargain and they do this by trying to minimise the prices for their products. To do this, they negotiate with their suppliers for trade discounts, they buy at best advantage and they ensure that key products are always in stock within their outlets. The success of any organisation depends to a very large extent on its people. That is why organisations go to great length to hire the best people, and then train them so they are equipped with the best skills. For the Warehouse, where large numbers are employed, staff issues become even more critical. In such a case, it is important to ensure that the staff are treated fairly, that they are kept motivated for best performance, and that the reward system is well structured to attract the best in the industry. The Warehouse has an organisational structure composed of Retail, Manufacturing, Consumer Finance and Store Property Owner/Developer. This structure is meant to ensure that the organisation benefits from both product manufacturing and retail. In addition, because the organisations operates from a large number of sites, it is critical that the company has control over the properties from which it operates, hence the formation of the Property Owner/Developer division. Finally, the Consumer Finance division has been put in place to
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