Essay about Managing Organization and Leading People

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Managing Organization and Leading People- BIP I Shahid Virani Student ID: 00465986 Date: Student Mentor Name: Ms. Lisa Sims Western Governors University Managing Organizations and Leading People – BIP I Describe the organization and its objective(s) ? The organization is a Managed Service Provided, dealing in IT Management of mid to small size business. We provide Managed Support, DaaS (Desktop as a Service), Applications and Database Management and Internet Connectivity using ISP Networks. The object of organization is: 1) Maximize Growth 2) Minimize Operating Costs 3) Improve Customer Experience 4) Improve Contract Performance 5) Maximize Sales !!! Describe three leadership practices of the primary leader of the…show more content…
B. Conduct a SWOT analysis evaluating the chosen organization by doing the following: Note: In your evaluation, consider the effects that communication practices, technology, ethics, and globalization have on your organization. 1. Evaluate two of the organization’s strengths. 2. Evaluate two of the organization’s weaknesses. 3. Evaluate two of the organization’s opportunities. 4. Evaluate two of the organization’s threats. Under-given is a SWOT (Strength/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) analysis of two companies dealing in Restaurant Food Businesses. | Wendy's | Chick Fil-A | | | | Strengths | Establish brand in USA | Establish brand in USA | | Good Food Prices | Good Food Prices | | Good Marketing | Good Marketing | | Global Brand | Non-Process Chicken | | Great Management | Online presence | | | Great Management | | | | Weaknesses | Competition McDonald | Need to open more stores in USA | | Doesn’t carry Fish Sandwich | Need to establish brand internationally | | Not all restaurant have Breakfast | Only serve chicken | | Not well known around the world | Not well known around the world | | | No Breakfast Menu | | | | Opportunities | Take advantage of Int’l Market | Take advantage of International Market | | Add Fish Sandwich | Open stores internationally | | Family oriented marketing | Add Beef and Fish to menu | |
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