Managing Organization and Leading People Essay

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Assessment Code: C200/BIP Task1
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Date: October 30th 2014
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Task 1: ORGANIZATION AND LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS 0 Organization Overview 2 Organization Description 3 Leadership Practices 4 Relationship between Leadership and Organizational Culture 7 SWOT Analysis 8 Organizational Strength 8 Organizational Weaknesses 9 Organizational Opportunities 10 Organizational Threats 10 Leadership Evaluation 11 Leadership Strengths 11 Leadership Weaknesses 13 Recommendations for Leadership Development 14

Organization Overview
Organizational overview provides a framework of the organization. It would ideally be a
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With numerous rewards and recognition under its label, it is now one of the most chosen CRM option in cloud computing. All the initiatives undertaken by it are sustainable, so the impact is hugely reduced on the planet as a whole.
For conducting my analysis, I have chosen Mark Benioff, the CEO of I have chosen the company as my subject and the leader, as they have carved a niche for themselves in the field of CRM activities in cloud computing, and it is extremely inspirational to learn from the leadership style portrayed by Mr. Smith in the organization (Baek, S., Kim, K., & Altmann, J. 2014).
Organization Description was formed fifteen years ago with the vision of revolutionizing the entire concept of CRM in the cloud computing system. It leads to the development of a new philanthropic model for all the others to follow, and it was only achieved by the wholehearted dedication and sincerity of its employee force, which have over the years formed a pillar of strength for the company. The stakeholders and the customers have all shown their immense support in the system, and it is because of their faith in the system, today it is known as the leading enterprise in the cloud-computing ecosystem. Industries and companies can now get connected to their consumers in a whole new way by the use of the latest innovations in mobile technology, cloud
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