Managing Organizational Change

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Organization The future research will examine a specific change topic in order to better understand the process of organizational change as a whole. Therefore, this research will explore the images of managing change concept as presented in Palmer & Dunford (2009). According to this source, the change concept is the "image or mental model of what they think is achievable," (Palmer & Dunford 2009 p 9). This essentially helps create a clear direction for the change that is to come. Therefore, the change concept is then a tool to conceive how to create and implement the change needed within the organization itself. There are several main images as outlined by Palmer & Dunford (2009). The two primary images this research will focus on is controlling and shaping the change at hand. These images help focus on how managers can determine when and why change is necessary, but also how this change will impact the overall health of the organization. Approach Several different images can be used to compile the change, and include focusing on directing, coaching, navigating, interpreting, caretaking, and nurturing. The method the change agent choices can then impact how the change actually takes place within the organization. This allows change agents to plan ahead of time in order to invoke the most efficient results and "may help in explaining how a change manager may consider their role within the change process," (Sooialo 2010). Compiling change images helps direct the change in
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