Managing Organizational Change : Hrm 587

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Managing Organizational Change HRM 587 Course Project – Week 4- Prepared by Lina Hijazi Professor Mary DuBoise Keller Graduate School of management 28 May 2015 It is normal for any organization to make certain momentous decisions that may affect its entire future, decisions like this concentrate on some of the major issues that concern the organization and its performance. Knowing that the business environment is unpredictable and keeps on changing, it is advisable to conduct a proper analysis of the environment, the external changes and the internal strategies within the organization that will absolutely define the business track, affect sustainability as well as the ability for success. Many diagnostic models are designed to measure how the organization is performing. The organization is prepared to scan these changes constantly to be able to react and adjust its policies. Few of these models are currently used by companies to ensure their success and effectiveness. Burke–Litwin model is one of them. Burke–Litwin model links the organizational effectiveness to the internal and external factors and predicts the performance consequences of the organization therefore it is found to be appropriate to my Nokia & Samsung study. “Burke (cited in Jones & Brazzel, 2006) mentions three criteria for selecting a diagnostic model: • Firstly, the model should be one that the OD practitioner thoroughly understands and is at ease with • Secondly, it should
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