Managing Organizational Diversity

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Because of globalization, there is need for improved relations among people of diverse beliefs, backgrounds as well as cultures. In the modern world, individuals no longer work and live in a confined marketplace: they have become part of the emerging world economies with competition from every corner of the continent. Therefore, it is important for non-profit and profit organizations to not only become open to change but also be creative. According to Kouzes & Barry (2002) “management of diversity has gained popularity in the recent years and despite its distinct contexts, it is gaining more attention as a result of demographic development, mobility of national and global workforce, international and globalised business as well as increased competitiveness”. Diversity is not only beneficial to the employees but also to organizations’ managers. Even though associates are perceived as being interdependent in the workplace, respecting workers differences can contribute to organizational growth (Loysk, 1996). Additionally, diversity within the organization can result into increased marketing opportunities, business image, recruitment, creativity and reduced lawsuits (Cox, 2001). ‘”In the era whereby creativity and flexibility are key contributors to competitiveness, diversity is essential in success of the organization”. However, the consequences of loss of money and time should be put into consideration. According to Cox (2001) “human resource management activities in the
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