Essay on Managing Organizations & Leading People

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Table of Contents MANAGING ORGANIZATIONS & LEADING PEOPLE-BIP2 Task 2 2 Evaluation of my Personal Leadership Style 2 Reflection on the Results of my Seven Habits Profile 2 Self-Leadership Evaluation 4 Strengths and weaknesses identified 6 Recommendations. 7 Goals to improve my leadership practice. 8 References 9

Evaluation of my Personal Leadership Style
Reflection on the Results of my Seven Habits Profile
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (1989) is a business and self-help book bestseller. The work brings up that success comes from developing personal leadership, from which leadership of others can follow. I had the opportunity to participate in a
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By working on the seven habits in order we achieve the maturity continuum, by addressing dependence first, then independence and finally interdependence.
In order to present a reflection on my current results of the Seven Habits Profile (see Appendix A for the questionnaire results), I’ll present a brief description of each habit, present my results for each, and I will align with the transformational leadership theory.
The Seven Habits are: 1. Be proactive. This habit is about taking control of our lives. It involves: * Taking the initiative. * Making our own decisions and accepting responsibility for them. * Focusing actions on what we can change, the circle of influence.
I scored 17 for this category in the Seven Habits Profile. As a developer I used to be focused in the task at hand. Being proactive, taking responsibilities for my actions and focus my efforts on the things I can influence became concrete behaviors that I needed to adopt for managing projects. 2. Begin with the end in mind. Determine what we want to be and define clear goals that are aligned to the principles: * What we would want people to say about us at our funeral. * Develop a personal mission statement.
In this category, my score was 16. As project manager it became clear that I need to have a clear picture of what is the product of the project in order to determine what I need to do to get there. 3. Put first
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