Managing Organizations and Leading People Company and Leadership Profile and SWAT analysis

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Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis

Table of Contents

Organization Overview 4
Organization Description 4
The Company Mission 4
The Organization – SEAD 4
The CEO – Jon Shreve 5
Leadership Practices 6
Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture 7
SWOT Analysis 9
Organizational Strengths 9
Technical Skills 9
Strategic Thinking 10
Organizational Weaknesses 11
Under-developed Leadership 11
Failing to deliver quality results 11
Organizational Opportunities 12
Political Forces - Obamacare 12
Economic Forces - Cloud Computing 13
Organizational Threats 14
Leadership Evaluation 16
Leadership Strengths 17
Innovative Thinking 17
Future-Facing 17
Managing Relationships 18
Leadership Weaknesses 19
Lack of formal higher
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The CEO – Jon Shreve
Jon Shreve is the CEO of MCG. From their website:
“Mr. Shreve oversees all facets of MCG growth and management. He was Chairman of Milliman Care Guidelines from 2002 to 2009 and became its CEO in 2007. Prior to MCG joining Hearst Corporation, Mr. Shreve had been with Milliman for 25 years. During this time he started or led ten different consulting and product practices, served on its Board, and led its Product Subcommittee.” (MCG, 2014)
Leadership Practices
Jon worked doggedly to reorganize the SEAD division along Agile development methodology, in the past few years.
His management style is consistent with the Assumptions of Theory Y Leadership, and many of his movements in recent years support a core tenant of the theory, that “The average human being learns, under proper conditions, not only to accept but to seek responsibility.” (Daft, Chapter 2: Evolution of Managment Thinking)
Jon fosters a close relationship with his Provider clients by hiring and nurturing a field that has deep knowledge and experience with medical practice, mostly Bachelor’s degree holding ex-nurses. His experience as a former Actuary gives him direct connection and context with the Payor community. His staff includes medical doctors and has grown to include a robust IT community over the following 10 years.
Jon’s leadership practices over the past several years, since Obamacare and Cloud Computing emergence,
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