Managing Our Relationships With International Paper ( Ip ) And Green Bay Packaging

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1. Ensure our suppliers have enough inventory to meet brewery orders As the project lead for BM and Keystone, I have the ability to ensure our suppliers have adequate inventory to meet the breweries orders. Now that I have taken over the BM Family, I am sending out monthly package lineups to our glass supplier, OI, to help ensure that they have the correct mix of packaged materials to support Tier 1 products. For both project families, I am working to ensure that brewery orders are met by sending out material order requests with appropriate lead time and communicating “need by” dates. These two actions work to increase our OTIF Metric by ensuring that our suppliers are set up for success on the projects that I support. As the lead for roll stock I help manage our relationships with International Paper (IP) and Green Bay Packaging. This allows me to ensure that we are printing enough roll stock in time to meet brewery needs, as well as, aid in the runout process as we transition through a graphics change or promo. In order to meet this goal, I have been reviewing IP’s Miller 6 inventories bi-weekly and started creating a list of orders and identifying the cadence of these orders. By doing this, I am trying to more closely align with how our fiber commodity operates and reduce the amount of time I am spending on this review. In addition to this review, I have been reviewing the Green Bay packaging and the IP Coors 2 inventories weekly to ensure accuracy there as well. This

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