Essay on Managing Own Continuous Professional Development

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Lawrence O.W. Lingad
OSCA No.: 4635
M5.31 Managing Own Continuing Professional Development
1. Be able to review personal and work-related development experiences, aims, objectives and priorities.

2.1 Evaluate prior learning and work-related experience to identify personal strength and weaknesses in self-development.
Humans by nature never stop learning; we undertake learning at different stages of our lives and acquire skills and competences in variety of areas. These learning may have been certified (by an academic or educational body) whilst others are not certified learning through work, social and leisure time activities. Recognising
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(Recognition of Prior Learning)
The term and the assessment or evaluation criteria being used varies between governing body, institutions and countries. There is the popularity of the need to recognise informal learning so as to make learning accessible to everyone. To justify the need for RPL, I have discussed some of its benefits below.
Benefits of Recognition of Prior Learning
The Learner: * It validates the worth of learning achieved by themselves * Increases self-esteem and confidence * Encourages learners to pursue education * May reduce the cost of college education by eliminating duplication of learning * Enables progression to other programme of study * Increases learner’s perception and understanding that learning is a lifelong process
The Educational Institution: * Provides a vital service for the community, business and industry * Financial gain through increase in student recruitment and retention * Increases in efficiency by reducing the need for unnecessary training * Enables for more appropriate learner placement in programmes
The Workplace and the Community: * It encourages workplace partnership with the educational institution * It helps in recognising lifelong learning and society’s need for a productive and capable workforce.
(Benefits of PRL)
In my own understanding, Prior Learning is knowledge and experiences from the past that can be
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