Essay on Managing People

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Managing People


Introduction to John Lewis Partnership and HRM

Communication and involvement practices

Equal Opportunities legislation – Disability Discrimination



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Introduction John Lewis and HRM

Introduction to John Lewis Partnership
John Lewis started in 1864 with a small drapers shop on Oxford St in London. John Lewis today is the largest co-owned and democratic company in UK. The John Lewis Partnership's reputation is founded on the uniqueness of its ownership structure and their commercial success. At the time of writing, the John Lewis Partnership has 1 manufacturing company, 1 farm, 26
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This is logically consistent with the strategic, forward planning nature of HRM. Effective communications are a pivotal aspect of this, as they constitute a means of conveying senior management’s values and commitment to their goals.

Definition of encouraging employee involvement in HRM
Hook and Foot (1999 p.19) suggest that HRM will have an extremely important role in creating a culture within the organisation in which employees are encouraged to

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