Managing People & Organisation

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Managing People and Organization
Assignment: Baker & McKenzie (A):
A New Framework for Talent Management


Executive Summary 3
Part I. External environment of global legal industry 4 1.1. Political 4 1.2. Economic 5 1.3. Social 5 1.4. Technological 5 1.5. Part II. Internal environment of Baker & McKenzie 6
2.1 The Hard 3S’s (Structure, Strategy, System) 7
2.2. The Soft 4S’s (Style/Culture, Staff, Skills, Shared Values)
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Part I. External environment of global legal industry

Multinational law firms have their business spread over different countries across the globe, which makes their operations and conduct of business subject to various different political, economic and social issues. In the case of Baker and McKenzie, the company’s scope of operations is across 38 countries with 70 different offices. The structure of the company is geared towards achieving economics of scale and to provide cross boarder legal needs for their client base. In order to break down and analyze the external environment of Baker & McKenzie, A PEST analysis is used. The analysis outlines the key factors, which the company faces, with respect to the external environment and its implications for people and organizations management.

1.1 Political
Any countries legal system is based on its political system and it’s ability to enforce certain basic rights such as property rights, a strong contract enforcement law and a stable and working legal structure. Without these pre-requisites the law itself becomes meaningless and so become the law firms, which are operating in these regions. Once, this basis has been established, various other political factors have direct impact on the ability of law firms to grow in a certain country. The governmental organizations as well as the attitude of these organizations determine the ability of
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