Managing People and Organisation

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MANAGING PEOPLE AND ORGANISATION Assignment: Shenzhen Filtroil: Finding Balance CONTENTS: Executive summary 4 Part 1. Analysis of external environments 5 Part 2. Analysis of the organization structure and organization culture 8 Part 3. Analysis of leadership and management styles 12 Part 4. Recommendation for best of four options 16 Part 5. Specific recommendations 17 REFERENCES 18 appendices 19 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The following report is performed for Albert Randolph and Jeremy Leahman for analyze the current situation in Shenzhen Filtroil and assist them with the decision they need to take with respect to the future direction of their company. The purpose of this report to analyze the current situation in…show more content…
Market-oriented economy unleashed individual initiative and entrepreneurship. That means that current business situation for Shenzhen Filtroil is positive. Also the labor costs are still cheaper in China. Overall effect is positive. SOCIAL FACTORS: Social factor we analyze from demographic and education sides, because these are two important factors for Shenzhen Filtroil. The demographic is not so good for Shenzhen Filtroil as demographic shift resulting from the one-child policy in China continued to reduce the supply of young entry-level workers. But as the government of China invests in fundamental and professional education there is not lack of metal-working professionals who work for Shenzhen Filtroil. Overall effect is neutral. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS: Key technological factors for Shenzhen Filtroil are transportation infrastructure and modern production capacity. “Development of the country 's transportation infrastructure is given a high priority because it is so strategically tied to the national economy and national defense”. China has developed transportation infrastructure. “Since the early 1980s scientific and technological modernization has been given an especially high priority for China government” Availability huge amount different factories ready to adjust manufacturing process to produce Shenzhen Filtroil prototypes give possibility to outsource production.
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