Managing People and Organisations Essay

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Outcome One
Georgia Garside

Question One

Suzy started the joy of chocolate with the main goal of surviving. Her consumer goals were to create gourmet chocolates to a very high standard, attention to detail and offering a unique product is a very important to Suzy as well as specialist chocolates for customer’s requirements.

Suzy worked to offer a unique product, novelty and high class chocolates for her customers. She soon built up a reputation for dependability through always delivering orders on time. These are her product goals.

Operational goals refer to running the organisation in such a way as to make the best use of management skills, technology and resources. They joy of Chocolates operational
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If the company suffers then so do their pay cheques or they may possibly loose their jobs? All other employees of the company have the same influence and interest, just with less power over important decisions. Suzy’s customers have a big influence on her company, if they like the product and service, they will stay loyal and possibly buy more. Her suppliers have a big interest in the company as Suzy is buying from them, if the suppliers produce is good quality this influences the joy of chocolate in a good way. Where as if the produce is bad quality Suzy will loose business and probably change suppliers. Suzy’s customers are also stakeholders, if her customers don’t like her products then they will stop buying and sales will decrease. Another is the bank, they have an interest in the companies success because they want the loan payments on time every month, college is also a stakeholder, they have an interest in getting their students working placements to hopefully get them the experience they need and a possible career route as well as Suzy gaining educated employees.

Question Five

The Personalised Centralised Control Strategy is a very authoritive and controlling strategy, usually used by managers who think very highly of themselves and very little of their employees. They insist on direct supervision which is in contrast to Hafiz in the case study,
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