Managing Projects

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Project Scheduling why is it so Important? Cecelia Williams Columbia Southern University MBA 6941, Managing Project Teams Professor Jim Marion 26 June 2012 Managing any type of project big or small is no easy task. Is a powerful communication tool for scheduling? During my career and personal life I didn’t realize how many projects that I dealt on a daily basis because anything that you do regardless if it is related to each other and directed toward a common goal or output needs some type of scheduling to be successful. For example going to my niece wedding if my daughter would have had a schedule on what she was going to do instead waiting until the last minute which interferes with my scheduling. So, that is why…show more content…
In project scheduling you normally will have the “finish-to-start relationship” (Brown & Hyer, 2010, pg 207). Level of details is an important development in project scheduling, because you don’t have all of the details on the project it can become a failure. Network logic “dependencies based on what is known as hard logic or soft logic” (Brown & Hyer, 2010, pg 206). Hard logic is mandatory for the relationship in getting the project done; Soft logic is sequential to the relationship of the team and what they really want to get the project on schedule (Brown & Hyer, 2010). To make sure the impact of all of these concepts are keep in the schedule of developing the project from the beginning to close. Project scheduling tools, also known as project management software, are designed to help you organize and manage projects more efficiently. I also think every project needs to have a schedule and framework of their project, and have it mapped or using any of the schedule tools that are available nowadays, Using the tools that are available will give the project manager the visibility to have all of the team members to be encourage and having meeting to make sure that you are accurate and have all information. “Despite the benefits of project scheduling software, project managers and team members
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