Managing Projects

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Managing projects 1. Introduction Watson Ltd. is a small size company creating and selling signage products to various companies of all shapes and sizes, including public institutions, small and medium size enterprises, as well as large size corporations. The organisation currently employs 16 staff members, as follows: a general manager, two assistant managers, three administration staffs, four design and sales staffs and six general operations staffs. Watson Ltd. operates out of a 2,500 square meters facility, which is the single facility of the firm, hosting both operations, as well as administration offices. The organisation is now interested in opening a new facility, of 35,000 square meters. With the aid of this new facility, the company would become better able to increase its production volumes, as well as its design and sale capabilities. This move would then increase the organisation's ability to serve the needs of corporate customers. In essence, the opening of the new facility is part of a growth strategy at Watson Ltd. which would increase the business capacity of the firm, and help the institution generate more sales revenues, and more profits. For this objective to be attained nevertheless, it is necessary for the company to devise a strong plan by which to open the new facility. At this specific level then, the current focus falls on the creation of a feasibility study for the opening of the new facility. More specifically, it is now necessary to
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