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Assignment SIM335 Managing Projects
Task 1
1) Network Diagram (activity on the node).
The Network Diagram is a method for project planning and –control. It is the graphical version of planned sequence of work. The Metra Potenzial Method (MPM) shows every process that has to be made in a project as a node. To represent the context between the activities the nodes are connected with arrows.
The Network Diagram (Appendix 1.0) has been drawn based on the table 1 to show the activities at Hansdon Ltd for a solution to allow customer admissions to sports facilities.

2) Timing of activities and Total Float.
The determination of timing from activity A to R has to be made by forward and backward pass. To forward pass we need the earliest
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But activities are just time-related and the dependencies are not obvious. The Critical Path Method can be used for complex projects, but only for routine activities, where less uncertainty is given.

650 words Task 2
Project Management
‘Project management is a leadership concept, which helps to find the solution for temporary and interdisciplinary tasks, which have a high degree of novelty and complexity’ (Project Management script, Dr. van Allen, p.3)
So Project Management combines tools and techniques, as well as skills and knowledge to ensure that the project meets the expectations concerning costs, duration and goals.
Dennis Ltd founded in 1999, is a company that works in the sport and physical activity sector as a consulter for local authorities, charities and private sector organizations. In the past thirteen years they had a steady growth. Their office is in a major city in England with about 80 square meters. Actually they employ 1 General Manager, 5 Lead Consultants, 3 Administration staff and 2 Marketing Officers. They have a one off special project to a local authority that contains the initial opening of the new leisure facility. This 21st Century leisure facility will have a swimming pool, sports hall, dry and wet changing facilities, two dance studios and a modern fitness centre.
Project Manager
The General Manager of Dennis Ltd has employed me as the project manager of this project. To ensure that
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