Managing Quality in Partnership Working with Service Users Essay

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Module Study Guide

G: Managing Quality in Partnership Working

Graduate Diploma in Health and Social Care – Level 5

Module G: Managing Quality in Partnership Working

The learner will:

1 Understand differing perspectives of quality and partnership working in relation to health and social care services Partnership: empowerment; independence; autonomy; power; informed choice; staff and organisation groups eg statutory, voluntary, private, independent, charitable; service users Quality: audit; quality control; role of agencies eg Care Quality Commission, NICE; role of staff and users; quality perspectives eg Servqual-Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Berry; technical quality; functional quality
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egative eg communication breakdown, disjointed service provision, increased costs, loss of shared purpose

Barriers to partnership working: lack of understanding of roles and responsibilities; negative attitudes; lack of communication; not sharing information; different priorities; different attitudes and values

Strategies to improve outcomes: communication; information sharing; consultation; negotiation; models of empowerment; collective multi-agency working; dealing with conflict; stakeholder analysis

The learner can:

4.1 Analyse outcomes and barriers for partnership working for users of services, professionals and organisations
4.2 Describe strategies to improve outcomes for partnership working in health and social care services
The learner will:

5 Understand methodologies for evaluating health and social care service quality Methods for assessing quality: questionnaires; focus groups; structured ans semi-structured interviews; panels, complaints procedures; open forums

Perspectives: external eg inspection agencies; internal eg service standards; continuous improvement

: mechanisms eg consultation, panels, user managed services

The learner can:

5.1 Analyse methods for evaluating health and social care service quality with regards to external and internal perspectives
5.2 Discuss the impact that involving users of services in the evaluation process has on service quality

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